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News: Why is Liverpool FC known as "bin dipper"?

Article Date(s):08/20/2022

The phrase ‘bins’, or bin dippers, is often used to refer to people who eat out of trash bins. It is a derogatory term as well as a fans joke.

Sinclair’s apology

Former footballer Trevor Sinclair has apologised after referring to Liverpool as ‘bin dippers’ in a tweet. The former Manchester City midfielder tweeted “Bin dippers we’re coming for you” after City’s 4-1 win over Burnley on Tuesday night, which narrowed the gap between the top two to eight points.

Sinclair initially defended the comment after Manchester City’s win over Burnley, but rowed it back on Wednesday morning following criticism.

Former footballer Trevor Sinclair has apologised for making an offensive comment about Liverpool during his talkSPORT show on Wednesday morning.

Liverpool fans' reactions

The former Swansea and QPR midfielder was reprimanded by Liverpool fans who saw his post as a direct affront to the club.